Fast Construction Working Capital

United Arab Emirates recently held five trade show in the Middle East, Central and Zoomlion, Sunward , Sany Heavy Industry Composed of Changsha Project Machinery square collective appearance, occupying the largest audience hall. In the Middle East’s largest construction, building materials exhibition, Changsha, China Construction Machinery Manufacturing in the field of “voice” be fully realized.

The world’s longest boom concrete pump, a comprehensive upgrade of the car and Tower crane … … This is several Chinese construction machinery enterprises, after transforming the core technology to build a leading product, now enough with the elephants, and other world-renowned engineering machinery Kadebile famous shoulder to shoulder, and has been exported to most countries and regions.

This past China’s machinery industry is full of circumstances very different from foreign brands. Once upon a time, because of China’s machinery industry can not catch up with their own technical standards for Europe and the United States industry, foreign brands captured more than 80 percent of domestic market. Lack of independent research and development capacity, restricting the time the development of China’s construction machinery manufacturing weakness.

10 years ago, when he was vice president of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Chan pure new lead eight technical staff, relying 500,000 yuan loan industry created the Yuan Ban Zoomlion. This evolved from the research institutions of enterprises, so that China’s scientific research vitality.

“Only by scientific research into industries, and the positive integration of industry Cycle , We can find a way out. “In the Chan the idea of pure new under the guidance of scientific research and the tremendous energy of the enterprise as a platform to be fully released?? China’s largest excitation Roller , The maximum tonnage of QUY600 three hundred kinds of crawler cranes with their own Intellectual property rights The products here have offline, Zoomlion also became China’s construction machinery industry leader.

Authoritative statistics, Chinese manufacturing enterprises in R & D investment only accounts for 1.88 percent of sales. Zoomlion shift the annual sales income of 5% to 7% R & D, is with the industry average of three to five times.

Starting from 1994, private enterprises Sany Heavy Industry to Concrete Pump Into the construction machinery manufacturing enterprises as a “stepping stone”, launched a refusal to lead the Chinese foreign brands in the door outside the defense of national industry. To 31 representatives of the domestic brand Concrete Machinery Changed the domestic market, 85 percent had concrete pumps and 95 percent of truck imports situation.

Walk the road of integration of industry, Sunward also experiencing such a growth process. Sunward origin institutions of higher education leader who Qinghua, to College Relying on the knowledge and achievements of libraries, from research to the development of modern drilling equipment piling works, mining, Construction and Maintenance Machinery, so that enterprises of “heterodoxy” meteoric rise, the development of Mini excavator More successful exports to the European market.

2006, Changsha Engineering Machinery breaking 15 billion yuan output value of China Construction Machinery and ranked second in the city. The first half of this year, Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry has achieved 6.48 billion yuan respectively, 5.45 billion yuan of output value. Industry forecast, the two giants, such as engineering machinery can be both at the end of the year jumped over 10 billion production value, then the rich machinery “dark horse” in Changsha, capital of China Construction Machinery leap just around the corner.